Case Study


Full-cycle branding, development and marketing of a Sharing Economy advertising marketplace
AddyCar is an innovative sharing economy startup that connects brands with drivers in London who are looking to earn an additional income by advertising these brands on their cars.
Their mission is to remedy the shortage of available outdoor advertising spaces in London by transforming cars into moving advertisements. They also provide an unprecedented level of analytics for outdoor campaigns. worked closely with the founding team to do branding, design and development of the website, campaign-planner, real-time analytics platform and the iOS and Android apps for the drivers. We then ran a series of digital marketing campaigns to acquire the drivers and devised a sales strategy to bring advertisers onto the platform. After the launch, we monitored KPIs and conducted customer interviews which allowed us to implement improvements that increased customer retention and streamlined driver onboarding.


Two-sided marketplace mechanics
Website design and development
Mobile app development
Geospatial data aggregation
Analytics dashboards
Digital marketing
B2B sales


brands such as Helpling, By Miles and Rated People launched advertising campaigns with AddyCar
active drivers in London


The project began with a series of product workshops where we worked with the AddyCar founding team to establish a robust go-to-market strategy, define the user personas, and conduct extensive market research to create a prioritised feature set for the two-phased launch.
The main risk factor present in this marketplace was whether the drivers would be willing to record their drives and place advertisements on their cars. Hence, we decided to test that side of the market first by launching the iOS app for drivers that allowed them to complete onboarding and record their daily commutes before becoming eligible for advertising campaigns. Upon launching the iOS app, we ran a series of PPC campaigns targeting drivers in London, achieving a £1.05 Cost Per Install.
Once it became clear that the driver acquisition won’t be an issue for this platform, we designed and built a campaign planner and a basic campaign analytics suite for the advertisers, allowing the AddyCar founding team to test the product-market fit among paying advertisers. To do that, we used the customer personas created during the product workshops to conduct lead generation and write a sales playbook. Unsurprisingly, this provided AddyCar with the first batch of paying customers, which allowed us to closely monitor user behaviour during these campaigns and optimise both the driver experience and the advertiser-facing analytics dashboard.
Finally, we launched an Android app which allowed AddyCar to unlock a further pool of drivers that was necessary to support the growing demand from the advertisers using their service.
Overall, we were thrilled to support AddyCar on this journey and to see the massive success of their marketplace.
Marketplace mechanics
Supply-side launch
Full launch