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Marie Claire’s Affiliate Model: A New World for Fashion & Retail

posted by Daniil Tarakanov on 08.12.2020

In 2018, fashion giant Marie Claire introduced a separate eCommerce section to its well-established website. Marie Claire Edit fuses enticing high-street looks with the expertise of its fashion editors. The concept was instigated to add value to the user experience,...
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The Rise of Affiliate Marketing in 2020

posted by Daniil Tarakanov on 02.12.2020

Publishers are achieving increasingly influential statuses in today’s modern business climate. As a publisher, you should appreciate the reach of your target demographic, and how this can be leveraged to your advantage. Research from Business Insider suggests revenue from affiliate...
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How Publishers Can Develop New Products in Strategic Partnerships

posted by Daniil Tarakanov on 30.11.2020

When it comes to designing a new product, it’s important for developers to focus on innovations that will resonate with their target demographic. This is easier said than done, but by analysing audience behaviours and gaining insight into purchasing decisions,...
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How Publishers Can Optimise On-Site Ads Using Audience insights

posted by Daniil Tarakanov on 20.11.2020

Programmatic advertising is everywhere, it’s essentially woven into the fabric of today’s business world. By leveraging modern advertising techniques, publishers and advertisers can generate additional revenue through the eCommerce model, where personalisation is everything.In an age where print and digital...
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How to Personalise Your Email Newsletters Using AI

posted by Daniil Tarakanov on 16.11.2020

AI has emerged in today’s business world, and its applications are endless. The concept of marketing is forever evolving, adapting to today’s forever advancing technological landscapes. It is thus important for marketers to be ready and willing to embrace new...
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8 Great Marketing Approaches in a Cookie-less World

posted by Daniil Tarakanov on 25.09.2020

Marketers have capitalised on the ability to track website visitors using cookies. The information gathered can be used to improve the user experience and target ads to the right demographics. This is a conventional approach to analysing customers, building a...

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