Case Study

Smart Networked Environments

Development of interactive kiosks for the leading UK universities
Smart NE is an Essex-based company that developed a revolutionary indoor mapping and navigation technology leveraging the Bluetooth Low Energy beacons. They came to us for help with delivering this technology via a series of interactive kiosks that could be used by students to help them navigate throughout the university campus. worked alongside the Smart Networked Environments core team to develop a web-based software to power the interactive kiosks. This software allows the kiosks to be used by students to find their way to the lectures, view available seminar rooms, events timetables, professor directory and the live bus departures from the bus stops adjacent to the university campus.
These kiosks are now used by students in the leading UK universities, such as the University of Oxford, Birmingham, Warwick and many others.


Smart Campus development
Integration with the national bus scheduling database
Proprietary API integration


weeks from kickoff to delivery
universities using this technology

THE JOURNEY was approached by Smart NE to leverage our development expertise to complete their indoor navigation solution in time for the full-scale rollout across in the leading UK universities. We began the project by integrating the Smart Campus platform with the national bus scheduling database. This allowed us to display the live and scheduled bus departures from the bus stops adjacent to the university campuses, which would enable the students to leave the campus at the right time to catch the bus back to their accommodations.
Next step was to develop a web-based technology that could run seamlessly within the interactive kiosks and display the navigation, room scheduling, staff directory and bus departures. We worked closely with the SmartNE team to integrate this solution with their proprietary APIs and test it on the full-resolution kiosks.
Finally, the solution was rolled out across several universities on-schedule and without issues.
Live bus departures API