How to Personalise Your Email Newsletters Using AI

posted by Daniil Tarakanov on 16.11.2020

AI has emerged in today’s business world, and its applications are endless.

The concept of marketing is forever evolving, adapting to today’s forever advancing technological landscapes. It is thus important for marketers to be ready and willing to embrace new strategies in order to remain competitive in fast changing markets. 

This is especially important in an age where there are many digital disruptors entering different industries.

AI provides significant leverage on route to achieving specific goals. It has gained immense popularity in recent times, encouraging marketers to incorporate its principles across various digital channels.

Email marketing is no exception, in fact AI can be used to help marketers create personalised email copy which appears likely to have received individual, human attention.

This makes it easier for marketers to maintain quality, while being able to churn out masses of scalable email marketing campaigns in an automated fashion.

But how exactly can publishers use AI to boost email engagement? Let’s delve a bit deeper into the realm of possibility:

Optimised Subject Lines

In order to engage the reader sufficiently and encourage them to open the email you’ve sent, nailing the subject line is a key consideration.

Capturing the subscriber’s attention with a well-written subject line is half the battle, where the open rate of your email campaign will ultimately determine its success. 

With AI, you can create engaging subject lines which are tailored to specific subscriber interests. Tools like Phrasee are great for crafting intriguing subject lines based on the success of previous campaigns and other important metrics.

Most tools use natural language generation (NLG) to deliver subject lines which are often better than what can be created by humans. But how exactly is this possible?

Well, AI has advanced to a point where it can learn your brand voice through the data that’s on hand to teach it. The analysis and execution of intriguing subject lines can ultimately lead to higher open rates and increased revenue.

Better Segmentation

Every subscriber you market to will have different interests. It’s important to distinguish these, so you can differentiate your marketing according to the interests of the individuals within your target demographic.

Segmentation is a critical email marketing strategy, a key to creating personalised emails which resonate with your target demographic.

Users are quick to identify emails as spam when they don’t personally address their needs and requirements. That’s why segmentation is so important, to strike up a true, personal appeal with your audience.

Fortunately with AI you can segment your prospects based on metrics like purchasing behavior and the information they’ve provided. This works by gathering information from CRM systems and website forms for a dynamic segmentation of subscribers.

Knowing your subscribers better will help you market to them in ways which adds value for both parties.

Product Recommendations 

It’s important to promote your products with recommendations that lure the reader in, piquing their interest to encourage them to act favourably.

Promoting product recommendations is a great strategy across various sectors, from E-commerce to hospitality. These are a great way to cross or upsell your products according to what best suits the consumer.

Take Airbnb as an example, a company that uses AI to send emails to customers who checked a listing but didn’t finalise their booking. This concept is similar to cart abandonment emails, which are often used to draw prospective customers back into the equation at times when they’ve neglected their purchase.

WIth AI, you can implement an automated system which sends out reminder emails to complete bookings, alongside other relevant listings regarding similar price, location and range.

These emails function as retargeting emails, which track user behaviour and send emails which are most likely to translate to conversions.

More Relevant Copy     

Click-Through Rate (CTR) is a critical factor for a successful email marketing campaign. If yours is low, it’s probably time to reconsider your email copy.

By utilising the principles of artificial intelligence, you can grasp the kind of email copy that delivers results. AI can help you set the tone in your emails, in ways which encourage your demographic to buy from you.

This is achieved when your email copy uses a tone and language which matches the personality of your brand. Impressively, cognitive computing can simulate human thought processes and drive progressive results when formulating engaging email copy. This works in combination with other AI practices.

A collective approach can drive positive results, helping you to create actionable copy which truly pays off.

Smarter Testing

AI driven platforms can be utilised to create robust tests, thus helping you to identify working trends so you can act accordingly.

To evaluate which version of a campaign works better according to circumstances, A/B testing or multivariate testing can be highly useful. This will enable you to send targeted emails with greater impact, to secure a more powerful and accurate campaign.

Better Send Times

Have you ever considered what time your website observes maximum activity? By contemplating this simple question you can determine which times are best to send out emails.

Scheduling emails based on the time zones of individual subscribers can be exhausting and time-consuming. AI can be leveraged to learn the times when individual subscribers are most likely to open the newsletter sent. This information can be used to tailor send times according to individual preferences.

AI can help you secure higher conversation, click-through and open rates, all of which are critical for improved bottom line. is a full-service design and technology agency that specialises in creating innovative solutions for hotels. These can transcend your business model while adding significant value to the customer experience.

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