8 Great Marketing Approaches in a Cookie-less World

posted by Daniil Tarakanov on 25.09.2020

Marketers have capitalised on the ability to track website visitors using cookies. The information gathered can be used to improve the user experience and target ads to the right demographics.

This is a conventional approach to analysing customers, building a profile of a target audience which can be used to heighten the user experience.

However, this is a method which could soon be reaching its end. Google recently announced they’d cease the use of third-party cookies on browsers by 2022. This has shifted the focus of today’s marketers, who must rethink their marketing strategies to remain competitive in their respective fields.

The web ecosystem is evolving to meet user demands regarding privacy and control over how their data is used. This might destroy online advertising as we know it, but fortunately there are various alternative models which companies can adapt to changing circumstances.

The likelihood is for new data-driven strategies to emerge in the wake of the news. Though we’re yet to see how techniques will evolve, we can envision how future marketing mechanics will unfold.

Here are eight alternative approaches which are worth embracing as they’re likely to rise to prominence in a cookie-less marketing world:

Return to Basics

With third-party cookies becoming a thing of the past, marketers are likely to return to the core fundamentals.

Marketers will dive into deep analysis into their core audience, refining their target demographic and identifying where consumers spend most of their time.

It will be important to look at where people consume information online and off, and to revisit the channels which are responsible for a holistic buyer journey.

A return to grassroots campaigns will reinvigorate the marketing function and help solidify relationships between marketers and consumers.

Attract, Ask, Authenticate – Building Content

Cookies were a powerful method for targeting relevant consumers, but this method is nowhere near as effective as drawing people in with engaging content.

The power of naturally intriguing content has superseded the power of the cookie, where you can feed off of people’s natural interests in an authentic way.

Marketers will tap into their creative prowess, delivering compelling content which motivates consumers and encourages them to take action.

This can be achieved while consumers maintain control of their data, a progressive step in the war on privacy.

Users care more about relevant content than cookies, so as technologies like third-party cookies come and go, building content will remain far more important, with a view to long term progression.

Marketers will always find a way to monetize the traffic that comes from establishing an audience, so it’s important to focus on the content while being flexible to external changes.

Social Media

WIth a strong social media presence, companies can target consumers where they spend significant periods of time. 

We are witnessing a market shift to creating custom experiences for users via social channels, which are personalized based on interests, friends, likes and more.

Social media browsing is becoming a new normal, where social data is replacing cookies.

Diversify Your Strategy

Rather than focusing purely on Google, companies are likely to seek alternative advertising networks to generate cost-effective conversions.

Utilizing publishers which focus on intent more than they do buying third-party data, marketers will experience more authentic results. By focusing on marketplaces close to the bottom of the sales funnel, marketers can capably pull in higher conversions at a lower CPA.

Widen Your Audience

Marketers will start to create content that’s universal in nature, ensuring the messages created can be understood by a wide audience.

This will be important in an age without cookies, where personally targeting visitors with specific ads will become more challenging. Agencies will thus focus on conveying messages which don’t isolate viewers, instead hoping to resonate with a widespread appeal.

This will give demographics the opportunity to act on the messages relevant to them.

Utilize Storytelling

Today’s generation doesn’t really click on banners in the way they once did. Since cookie-based advertisements will slowly become a thing of the past, marketers will begin to focus on narrative and influencers.

Focus will shift to native storytelling rather than cold display ads, as marketing turns in a more authentic direction.

Shift to IP Addresses and Device IDs

Despite third-party cookies being phased out, marketers will still be able to track user behavior with device ID tracking and IP addresses.

Device IDs have played a prominent role in geofencing and geotracking for some time. The cookie concept will be rendered irrelevant by the application of various data variables, which can be tracked and appended to identifiers.

The identifiers in question will be anonymized to protect user privacy.

A Focus on New Identification Capabilities

With a forward thinking approach, we’re likely to see the industry evolve beyond cookies in a privacy-friendly fashion. We’re likely to witness marketers seeking partnerships, particularly building identifiers using first-party cookies.

These will remain unaffected, so new identification capabilities will be targeted, alongside the emerging use of AI to decipher user behavior, preferences and purchases.

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